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*Reservations are highly recommended, especially for evening and weekend classes. 

*Classes are 60 minutes long unless noted otherwise. 

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Get Twisted Yoga
5444 Trade Street 
Hope Mills, NC


About the classes...

Flow: A class with normal temperatures where the combination of poses and breath work come together. 

Gentle Flow/Joint Rotation:  A flow class perfect for beginners or those seeking a less intensive class. We flow through the poses, work on flexibility,joint rotation, and learn to relax our body.

Warm: A flow class with a little heat. Ranging from 85 to 90 degrees 

Warm Yin/Restorative: A class takes the stretches deep. We relax into deep stretching and follow up with a few restorative poses.The use of props is heavy in this particular class.

HOT:  A flow class with temperatures ranging between 95 and 105 degrees. We work our bodies creating internal heat as well. The internal heat and external heat combined give us the extra flexibility to achieve the deeper and more challenging poses. This class is also great for weight loss. The heat will increase your heart rate causing you to sweat... a lot! This class is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone suffering from high blood pressure.
HOT Inversions: A class for anyone wanting to spend some time upside down. We learn inversions, practice inversions, and explore new poses. Often times this class will include the usage of the wall. 

Zen Flow: A non heated class appropriate for all levels of practice. An hour long practice for those seeking a class with a heavy focus on breath and mental clarity. The use of poses (asanas) and breath work allow for a calm and meditative styled class.  


Price Per Package:
(Military, educator, first responder, 
and Cumberland County discounts. Please inquire.)

Standard Yoga (Excludes HOT classes)HOT Yoga(Includes all classes) Drop In - $12 Drop In - $12 
Five Pack - $50 Hot Five Pack - $55 
Ten Pack - $70 Ten Hot Pack - $80 
One Month Unlimited - $60 One Month Hot Unlimited  - $70 

PrivateYoga Sessions:
$45/ 45 min$60/ 1 hour*3 person max. per session
By appointment only.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specialty Group Classes available.Call Today!!910-835-6833
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